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Stress Management

Humans perform at optimum levels in a calm, serene and peaceful environment devoid of stress. However, today’s work-life scenario by default holds all individuals, personally and professionally under tremendous stress and strain, making stress management a crucial and essential intervention in enabling organizations achieve superior performance from individuals and teams. In that sense de-stress tools and processes are of primary importance and need. Incidentally, today there are a whole host of research data both from the modern Medical Sciences as well as from the Ancient Sciences like Yoga, Meditation and Music.

At LifeRhythm, through years of research and profound study, we have formulated a very powerful process for Stress-Management by synergizing medical perspectives with meditation techniques and music therapy.

LifeRhythm stress management sessions provide insight into:

  • Understanding Stress and its mechanism
  • The causes and factors of Stress
  • Medical perspectives of stress
  • Lifestyle changes and food habits
  • Meditational processes and music as therapy
  • Physical exercises and techniques to reconnect with mother nature
  • Meaningful contributions and leaving a legacy

Our stress management sessions are highly interactive and results in achieving a heightened sense of prioritization skills that help get things done, quicker and in a more organized fashion.

LifeRhythm stress management course instills a positive and broader picture to maintain the various stress factors in perspective.

Participation in LifeRhythm Stress Management program results in the following:

  • Efficient management of information overload
  • Organization skills to minimize stress
  • Better listening skills reduces uncertainty and stress
  • Skills to make informed decisions

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