Benefit from the Well Honed Skills of our Counselors as well as Reduced Costs

Considering the effort involved for organizations to maintain a consistent counselling and training program, LifeRhythm has initiated ‘outsourced counselling service’ for our clients.

Having skilled counselling staff on the payroll can be expensive, this prompted us to offer organizations outsourced counselling service at a fraction of the cost. Counselling staff at LifeRhythm bring a wealth of experience and knowledge by virtue of their exposure to working in multiple organizations of all sizes and domains.

For most enterprises, the primary challenge is supporting and integrating their counselling, training and HR. Collaboration with LifeRhythm helps in integration with performance and competency management. LifeRhythm counselors deliver the answer to many challenges, providing teams instant assistance and access to just the right information while at work – as opposed to information overload in an exhaustive session. Counselling sessions need to be modularized into short segments for easy access and consumption.

Most of our clients have welcomed our assistance to integrate all of their performance, and counselling activities.


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