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The Future of Medicine Lies In Exploring the Finer Elements of Mind, Body and Spirit and its Corresponding Energy

This is an endeavor to work on the future of medicine. As discovered in the recent past, the future of medicine lies in exploring the finer elements of Mind, Body and Spirit and its corresponding Energy implications by integrating Modern Medical findings with the holistic healing systems. World renowned Researchers and explorers like Dr. Andrew Weil,
Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Rudolph Ballentine and others have created a paradigm shift at the global level through the Mind, Body and Spirit interventions. In fact, these experts have proved beyond doubt that the path way for total human well-being can be created only by integrating Modern medicine with the other time-tested and scientifically proven systems like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga, Nature cure etc.

Therefore, Integral-Medicine is the future of health-care. To achieving this one requires tremendous amount of courage, openness, creativity and capability to synergize. We at lifeRhythm have unique plans and projects to create a global platform and institution for promoting Integral Medicine for the future of humanity.

We Place Emphasis on Mind, Body and Spirit for Well Being

When medicine began, it only considered the physical anatomy and treated only the symptoms. But, with the lapse of time the scientists have realized the futility of excluding the Mind while treating the human entity. Scientists did sense that the Mind did exist independent of the Brain. Herein the Brain seems to be the hardware to support the Mind, which then becomes the Software counterpart. But, unlike the computer-system, now researchers have discovered that there is no specific region to which Mind’s location could be traced to. In fact, scientists have validated the omnipresence and omnipotent nature of the Mind.

At LifeRhythm, We have the following challenging projects at our disposal to bring about an integral-health care system into place:

  • Integral-Medicine Platform
  • Integral-Medicine Training Institute
  • Integral Hospital systems.

A new word “Non-local Mind” coined by one of the prominent researchers at this level, Dr. Larry Dossey has gained worldwide acceptability by now. Of late, researchers have proved the efficacy of enabling the dimensions beyond the Body and Mind. This is referred to as the domain of our natural healing intelligence linked to the concepts such as Spirit, Intuition, and Instinct etc. Therefore the need of the hour is to put into place an integral medical system which lays equal emphasis on Mind, Body and Spirit.

One of the greatest paradigm shifts occurred in the medical field when Dr. Bernie Siegel published his book “Love, Medicine and Miracles”. For the first time a surgeon with credibility and expertise emphasized the need for the doctors to have a loving and caring relationship with patients.


Unlike the fundamental belief in the medical field, “A doctor is not supposed to a have emotional relationship with the patient and the patient is supposed to be considered simply a subject or specimen”. This thought may be required at some level, but, practically, this was taken forward to such an extreme that many doctors lost the human-touch in their approach and almost became Robot-like entities and considered their patients merely as feeling less lumps of meat. Dr. Siegel questioned this approach and called for a more humanitarian approach and radical change by the Doctors in creating a soothing healing environment.

In continuation of this new thought sequence we at LifeRhythm have commenced creating a training module to make a ‘medical-doctor’ a ‘medical leader’ by developing essential healing-behaviors.


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